Around 25 people participated in the workshop on Building Energy Models (BEMSs) and Model Predictive Control (MPC), organized by the FHP consortium jointly with the MOEEBIUS and SABINA H2020 projects in Zamudio, Spain, on the 30th of January of 2019.

BEMs describe the thermal response of buildings, providing an estimation of the energy needed to keep them in comfort conditions. The different techniques used for this purpose were explained, ranging from physical to machine learning modelling, as it is crucial to understand them to know when to apply the different model techniques on different scenarios. Model Predictive Controllers (MPCs), based on BEMs, are a key element in the process of improving the operational performance of HVACs and Building Management Systems (BMSs).

The challenge nowadays is to increase their reliability, affordability and integrability, but this target is being pursued using different implementation strategies. These strategies were be revised so as to know their advantages and disadvantages, and the suitability of each of them depending on the specific project’s needs

The event was moderated by Ander Romero (MOEEBIUS project coordinator) and Mikel Fernández (Tecnalia representative in FHP project), and the talks were given by Pablo de Agustín, Borja Tellado (Tecnalia), Carlos Bandera (University of Navarra) and Javier Arroyo (Catholic University of Leuven).

All attendants: ESCOs, architecture firms, construction cluster, HVAC manufacturers, engineering companies and students expressed real interest in the presented subject matters. They were very active during all the sessions, making interesting questions and participating in the technical discussions.

The workshop was conducted in Spanish language as all presenters and attendants were native Spanish speakers.